11 May 2020

Welcome to week 6 of "home learning" and our theme for this week is "Food". As ever, the work we have provided is there to help you provide some structure and routine for your children. If anyone is still feeling stressed by the role of 'home educator', I remind them, stay safe, stay happy and everything else you achieve is a bonus. The Prime Minister's address to the nation seems to have thrown up as many questions as it provided answers. I am expecting further guidance today and will be working with staff and the Enquire Learning team to devise safe plans for the limited reopening outlined in the broadcast. Until the details are announced, it would be speculative and counter productive to make statements that may need changing in the light of further discussions. I understand that everyone wants to know when we can get back to some "normality", however, the safety of our school community remains my first consideration and any plans will be shared with families in a timely manner before June 1st.