At Flowery Field we firmly believe that all children should experience high quality PE, Dance and School Sport. We offer a broad range of activities allowing children to be physically active, experience competition and understand how to lead and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. They should leave our school physically literate, confident young people with a life-long enjoyment and understanding of being active.  We believe that P.E is a fundamental subject for developing both the physical body and emotional (life) skills too. This belief and ethos allows the school to shape our children into healthy, social and active young people.


Our broad, dynamic and engaging PE curriculum builds the skills, knowledge and confidence of our pupils, which leads to lifelong participation. The P.E provision follows a Spiral Curriculum which develops mastery in skills allowing for revisiting prior learning and applying new knowledge linked to what is already known. The skills learnt are logically sequenced to build upon previous learning within and across the year group as pupils move through the school allowing a depth of learning key skills, knowledge and concepts.



All children have two hours of quality P.E and Dance with a qualified coach per week. Through these sessions children develop skills in: Agility, Balance and Coordination; Gymnastics; Orienteering; Invasion Games; Striking and Fielding ; Net and Wall. 

All children have free access to before and afterschool clubs for Sport/Dance every school day.

All children have 13 weeks access to Forrest School Sessions delivered by a trained Practitioner.

All Y5 children have 3 terms of swimming lessons per year to enable them to achieve the National Curriculum Award. 

All children take part in Intra School competition from KS1 and have access to Inter School competitive school sport from KS2 in partnership with Hyde School Sports, Tameside School Sport Partnership and The F.A., M.U.F.C and M.C.F.C.

Children have access to sporting equipment at break times and Midday Supervision Staff are trained to lead active games with them.



The sports team, which comprises a member from each phase, will monitor the study of PE and Dance (as part of the school’s monitoring cycle) using a range of strategies. Lesson walkthroughs and pupil voice.  The team will look for evidence of the progressions below and reference them with the objectives for the year group. These are then matched to ensure complete coverage.



PE Curriculum