We are a school with a strong, rich community of students, parents and teachers brought together by a shared determination to work together to enable our pupils to all fulfil their individual potential. 


At Flowery Field, we work towards raising aspirations and attainment through a curriculum that challenges children to become resourceful and reflective learners, through a culture of high expectation.


We offer an engaging, child centred approach, rich in variety and imagination, which equips children with the knowledge, skills and attributes to prepare them for their next stage in education.



At Flowery Field, we offer a caring, nurturing environment, which supports children in establishing their place in the world.   

Learning encapsulates and promotes British Values by creating independent thinkers that have a broad and rich understanding of the wider world; are tolerant and respectful of people of different faiths, religions and sexualities; with an understanding of the learnings from the past and an ability to use this to help to create a better future. 

Our curriculum offer ensures children develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to become positive members of society and successful lifelong learners.