A Welcome from our Principal

Welcome to Flowery Field Primary School. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  Choosing a primary school is like building the foundation for your house. The future depends on it!  A solid foundation with breadth and depth in education will ensure your child has the resources with which to make the best possible choices as he or she grows up.

Flowery Field is a large and successful school. We are a school with a strong, rich community of students, parents and teachers brought together by a shared determination to work together to enable our pupils to all fulfil their individual potential, regardless of any barriers they may face.  We are an inclusive school and are fully accessible for disabled users.

We believe that every parent wants their child to be happy at school and we are striving to make Flowery Field “a happy place to learn,” by putting the children at the centre of their learning. Our culture of authentic care ensures all children receive the support they require to flourish academically, socially and emotionally. Our values and ethos encapsulate our high expectations and mutual respect so that each pupil feels valued and cared for. 

At Flowery Field, we provide a rich and supportive environment where children have a wealth of opportunities to help them develop the positive behaviours and attitudes that will enable them to achieve success.  Our curriculum approach reflects the needs of our local community, tailored to provide rich and diverse experiences, which maximise children’s love of learning and provides them with links to real life and their own interests.  Learning how to learn, being proud of your own achievements and celebrating those of others are evident both in and out of lesson time. We value opportunities for collaborative learning; these are an essential part of our pedagogical approach and promote valuable communication skills. A welcome addition to our curriculum is our immersive classroom, which uses the latest technology to provide children with a valuable insight into the world around them. Our outdoor environment enhances our curriculum offer, with large grounds to explore, a forest school area and even a school farm! We firmly believe that every lesson counts and no opportunity for learning should be lost. Our curriculum designed to enhance English and mathematical skills, whilst promoting our key learning behaviours. 

Community is at the heart of our work at Flowery, we value the contributions made by our families and the wider community.  Parents have a vital role to play in their child’s education  and are key partners in their child’s education, we regularly invite parents in to share in their child’s learning and celebrate the work of the school.  Our Flowery Friends group provides further opportunities for you to get involved in the life of the school and strengthens our work in this area.   

Our school converted to academy status in 2016 and joined the Enquire Learning Trust. We work closely with the Trust and other local ELT schools to help us reflect and refine our own practice, ensuring we continue to achieve high quality outcomes in all areas of learning.  

I, the leadership team, staff, parents and students of Enquire Learning Trust, share a passionate commitment towards ensuring that the school makes a huge difference to children's lives. We have the highest aspirations and expectations of all we do whether this is academic attainment, achievement, behaviour or learning. We are dedicated to ensuring all our students succeed; challenging and developing their ability to think independently and enabling them to transfer their learning to real situations. We want children to be ready for the next stage of their lives and beyond.

We look forward to working together, to enable your child to be the best that they can be.

Mrs Claire Silk