Curriculum Aim

At Flowery Field, we want RE to be challenging, inspiring and fun. We want pupils to develop their levels of religious literacy and conceptual understanding. We want them to be able to articulate, with confidence, their ideas about religion, beliefs and spirituality – and then to change their minds, if they choose to do so. We want learners to understand religious and belief systems’ commitment to morality and social justice, to responsible stewardship of the environment and to deepening the experience of being human. Promoting social and ethnic harmony and awareness of British values is a moral imperative for schools and RE has a significant contribution to make to this. Through the exploration of multiple identities and local communities, through visits to places of worship and meeting people from religious and belief communities, and through a deepening understanding of beliefs and practices, our aim is for young people to come to an informed and empathetic understanding of different groups which will help promote cohesion and integration.

Pupils will explore British values in relation to religions and beliefs. Religion has a major position in public life so it is crucial that young people are educated to understand and to engage critically with religions and beliefs, and their representation in the media. Breadth and balance are essential in RE, as in the whole curriculum.


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