At Flowery Field, we offer a caring, nurturing environment and an engaging, child-centred approach to provide our children with the key foundations needed to fulfil their potential.

A thematic approach unlocks an initial love of learning, this feeds into the whole school curriculum providing children with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to access the National Curriculum. Engaging and purposeful experiences allow the application of skills, knowledge and understanding through adult-led and child-initiated experiences.

At Flowery Field, play is an integral part of learning and development for young children, we strive to provide a variety of exciting and imaginative opportunities both indoors and outdoors making use of our Forest School sites, immersive classroom and school farm. These experiences promote a love of learning through challenge, exploration and adventure. The Early Years environments are carefully designed, planned and resourced to enable the application of skills and maximise learning.

Our EYFS curriculum supports children to become confident, resilient and independent learners who have high aspirations and are ready for Key Stage One.

For information about Phonics and Early Reading, please visit English | Flowery Field Primary School and click on the 'Phonics' tab.



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EYFS Useful Documents for parents and carers

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