7 May 2020

The Enquire Learning Trust
18 Appleton Court,
West Yorkshire
7th May 2020
Parents and Carers,
We are well into the seventh week of lockdown and although there appears to be some optimism
about the peak of the coronavirus being behind us, we know that there’s still some way to go
before we can re-establish anything like normality. In each of our schools, our colleagues are
continuing to make every effort to support the whole nation during this challenging time. We are
providing high quality child-care for all children of key workers who need it and for all those children
who may be vulnerable for a host of reasons. We are making sure that those at home have access
to learning materials so they can continue to receive an educational entitlement and we are
maintaining our commitments to keep children safe and work with others to achieve this.
We really value your support during this time. The efforts that you are making to enable children to
learn successfully at home are especially welcomed and it has been uplifting to see the many
examples of excellent work that children have shared with teachers and on social media. For the
many of you who’ve been in touch with your school to say thanks to our staff who are going the
extra mile to help and reassure children, you should know that your kind words are greatly
We recognise that it’s a challenge for families too as you try to juggle the - sometimes conflicting -
demands of work, family commitments and additional childcare responsibilities. It's a worrying time
for everyone but especially those with family members and friends who may be particularly
vulnerable at this time.
There is mounting speculation around the prospect of schools reopening or at least being open to
more pupils. For our part, we are committed to being able to offer our full provision as soon as we
can. As I write, we have no firm information about when this is likely to happen or how we will be
expected - by the Government - to do this.
The Government have indicated that over the weekend, they will let everyone know what the next
phase looks like and what we can expect to happen. We will get this information at the same time
as you.
However, we are planning for a range of possible approaches and our first consideration will be to
ensure that pupils and staff are able to work together in school safely. Soon after any direction is
given by the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education, your child’s Principal will be
in touch to provide the information that you need. This will include details on the measures each
school will take to create a safe learning environment so that you can have the reassurance you’ll
need when your children are to resume their education.
In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns please get in touch with your school.
Alternatively, you can reach the Trust through the website contact form.
Darren Holmes
Chief Executive Officer