Within EYFS and Key Stage One we deliverer phonics sessions daily using the First Class Phonics Resoucres.

First Class Phonics provides a full systematic synthetic phonics schemelinked to the new ELG goals and KS1 expectations in reading and writing. All children recieve 2 daily sessions, focused on introducing graphemes through reading and writing activities.  Alongsde this children are introduced to common exception words (Tricky Trevor) and high frequency words (Busy Bee) within the programme and targeted sessions are in place to enable them to read and write them.

First Class Phonics builds in daily opportunities to revisit prior learning and assess children’s progress, ensuring gaps are identfied and feed into planning. 

Children have the opportunity to apply these phonic skills to their reading and writing through targeted phonics reads, daily reading and writing lessons and our wider curriculum.

Targeted support is in place to ensure gaps are identified and addressed timely. This provision is extended to children within KS2 who require additional support,

We recognise the importance of linking phonics to reading so use structured resoures linked to the stage the children are working at, these include:

  • Floppy phonics
  • Songbirds

Alongside this we promote a love of reading and use the following resources to develop early reading behaviours, key vocabularly and comprehension skills:

  • PM books - Support key voabularly development in EYFS
  • Oxford Reading Tree Scheme - Support fluency and comprehension

Our whole school approach to reading can be found here - Flowery Reading Principle