Procedure For Complaints

The Secretary of State stresses that the “concerns” of parents and others should be dealt with as far as possible on an informal discussion basis with teachers and the Headteacher. If the complainant still remains dissatisfied after this stage has been exhausted, then the formal procedures adopted by The Enquire Learning Trust come into effect. Local arrangements should ensure that full, fair and speedy consideration be given to a complaint at every level. Examples of these levels as seen by the Secretary of State are as follows:-

  • Stage 1 (Informal) “Concerns” expressed by parents and others should be discussed with those directly involved with the issue, i.e. teacher / Headteacher.
    Please phone school (368 1466) to speak with Mr Fell or Mrs Silk - alternatively either talk to one of the staff on morning duty at the front of school or send an email to
  • Stage 2 (Formal) If the matter is not fully resolved it may be referred to the Local Governing Body for consideration. Please address any concerns to Mr Derek Slinn and use the school address.
  • Stage 3 (Formal) If the complainant is still dissatisfied the matter will be referred to The Enquire Learning Trust and marked for the attention of  The Executive Director.
    Unit 5 Navigation Court
    WF2 7BJ
  • Stage 4 (Formal) In the final instance the complaint will be referred to the Secretary of State for consideration. These stages provide the skeleton on which all the procedures will be based. There will be some deviation in the above procedure depending on the powers given to the Governing Bodies over particular areas (e.g. charging policies, religious education, sex education). OFSTED Our school is subject to regular inspections by OFSTED on behalf of the government. To view our latest report please visit